Home Renovation Consultants in Oakville & Burlington, ON

Are you planning a renovation on your home? Whether it’s a large scale renovation for the whole house, or you’re looking to do smaller work on a single room, The Bannerman Group Inc. can provide the solutions you need. With more than 20 years of project management experience, and 10 years of industrial maintenance experience, we can offer you the solutions you need, along with key advice and guidance in your projects.

A homeowner, if they want the added challenge, can tackle home renovation and repair projects with the proper help, and we’re here for you, making sure your project results in the look and functionality you hoped for. We've serviced clients in Burlington since 2004, and we’re specialists in complete consultation services. From start to finish, depending on the program, we offer you construction management with drawings and permits to get your project underway at our initial consultation program level. Contact us today.

Selling/Buying a Home?

The Bannerman Group Inc. works with real estate agents, home buyers and home sellers.

We have been called in to address reasonable concerns prior to closing, and we work to offer solutions that ensure all parties are completely satisfied with the involvement of the Bannerman Group Inc.

Frequently we get called by homeowners to get their house ready for sale. We talk to the agent and get input, with the homeowner making the final decision on where to focus the updates. The scope of work varies from tired houses needing updates, to newer houses needing new paint. Sometimes home stagers are involved, which can be very helpful to the homeowner, especially with colour coordination.

If you have bought a house or are going to buy one, call us. We can make this house just the way you want it, from minor updates to larger renovations.