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Seniors Repair and Maintenance Services was founded in 2004 as a registered company. It became a Division of The Bannerman Group Inc. in 2005.

Seniors Repair and Maintenance Services is operated by the original ownership, and with the added team support from The Bannerman Group Inc., clients receive a first rate “client comes first” aura, as outlined in our Mission Statement. We also have many helpful tips on our Bulletin Board below.

Over the past 11 years as Seniors repair has grown with high end business ethics, and we review our Mission Statement yearly, to ensure our business doesn’t lose focus. After all, Complete Customer Satisfaction doesn’t happen overnight, It happens one job at a time.

Since the early years, Seniors Repair and Maintenance Services has been active with local informative Shows, workshops and events. Many of our clients have called upon us to freshen areas of their house for resale to get the true value for their home. We work with several of the Oakville and Burlington Real Estate Agents, to do the repairs and cosmetics that will meet or exceed the buyer’s home inspection.

The Bannerman Group Inc. has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and is licenced by the Town of Oakville. The Bannerman Group Inc. is also a member of the Oakville Chamber of Commerce.

Building winning relationships with our clients in Oakville and Burlington since 2004!

At Seniors Repair & Maintenance Services, we have had so many inquiries about home maintenance tips that we post some interesting information and some from our clients.

We believe if we can help with tips or handy pieces of information then our clients will be better informed when home repair arise.

Scheduled Maintenance is always a good idea and the popular "Home Tune Up Program" checks your home from top to bottom and gives you the "when to facts" for home repair maintenance. We invite you to contact us with any question you might have or to schedule a service appointment.

Helpful Tips for Maintaining Your Home from our Bulletin Board...

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At Seniors Repair & Maintenance we do all we can to educate our customers about various facets of home repair and maintenance so that they can make informed decisions when the time comes. Here we have gathered some helpful facts and tips. We invite you to contact us with any questions you might have or to schedule a service appointment.

  • Ensure the walkway around your house is easily accessible & equipped with adequate lighting.
  • Kitchen & bathroom faucets, toilets & dishwashers should have shutoff valves to allow us to shut off the water supply & prevent water damage in the event of a leak.
  • Lever faucets in the kitchen, bathroom & laundry room make for easier, more comfortable operation.
  • Battery-operated smoke alarms in addition to hardwired alarms make for added safety (batteries should be replaced at least once a year & a low battery warning beep should not be ignored).
  • Homes should have both an Ionization alarm (reacts fastest to flames) & a photoelectric type (which reacts fastest to smoke).
  • Carbon monoxide detectors are a must for every house; they detect odourless & colourless carbon monoxide gases from furnaces, fireplaces, wood stoves & clogged chimneys.
  • Kitchens should have wall-mounted fire extinguishers for added safety.
  • Carpets are very functional & attractive when well maintained & actually act as a filter for dirt & bacteria.
  • Carpets should be professionally cleaned once a year to extend the life of your carpet & enhance its appearance. Proper carpet cleaning will remove deep down ground-in dirt & stains, as well as other contaminants.
  • Always have loose handrails fixed & handrails installed wherever absent.
  • Ensure carpet is secure & have all rips repaired promptly.
  • Installing grab bars inside shower area provides added safety.
  • Repair uneven or broken patio stones or steps.
  • Check & clean stove hood range filters regularly.
  • Ensure outside water is shut off in winter months to prevent burst pipes.
  • Ensure doors & windows can be properly locked from the inside.
  • Replace furnace filter regularly.
  • Have your eavestroughing cleaned at least once a year & have the general condition of the roof & flashing checked.
  • Have the humidifier checked seasonally.
  • Have an annual "Home Tune-Up" to ensure that all systems are working as designed.