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A renovation project should be an exciting time for homeowners, but there can be anxieties and challenges along the way. That's why it's important to have a contractor that has professional, specialized tradespeople, and a knowledgeable contact person to regularly be at the job site to answer any questions the homeowner has along the way.

A project starts with the homeowner's decision to renovate or update areas of their home, with a budget in mind. When the homeowners are comfortable with the updates or renovations they envision, then a reputable contractor is called in to discuss the project. A good contractor will share information with the homeowners about any necessary drawings or permits, as well as any other challenges. This is where an experienced contractor will explain the homeowner's responsibilities and those of the contractor. These responsibilities first and foremost cover safety aspects of the job site. A great renovation is the result of the teamwork between the informed homeowner and the experienced contractor. A project can't be a winner unless there is a winning team composed of the right tradespeople at the right time. The end result is a finished product that meets or exceeds the homeowner's expectations of the project.

Questions from the homeowners could include inquiries about how long the contractor has been in business and a request for their licenced business number for the current year. Check their personal references, but don't forget that the Better Business Bureau constantly updates information to stay on the leading edge of customer satisfaction. Also check whether the contractor operates out of a fixed location. Warning signs that something will go wrong is when a "handyman" not wearing safety gear and carrying no insurance shows up with a 20 foot ladder strapped on a truck and offers an incredible cash deal. Stay away! Removing material from a botched renovation can cost more than the initial material installation. Nobody needs the headache of removing badly performed work when it could have been done to code with permits and drawings by licenced pros. Insurance companies seldom cover claims when rogue handymen working for cash leave their mark.

Review Your Invoice

When you get your invoice, make sure it's detailed, numbered with the H.S.T. number, and that it provides warranty information. Contact us if we can be of service to you.