Satisfied Clients in Oakville, ON

At The Bannerman Group Inc., serving Oakville and beyond, we take pride in offering effective solutions to our customers. To prove it, we've compiled some of our customer testimonials, and encourage you to see what our satisfied clients have to say about our work. When you're ready to get started, contact us.

Prompt Attention

"Thanks for taking care of the electrical problems at our condo. Appreciate the prompt attention."

-Brian & Donna R., Oakville


“Just a small appreciation of a job well done. It’s nice knowing someone these days who is honest and trustworthy.”

-Mr. & Mrs. H., Burlington

Professional Work

“Your work is professional and speedily completed! Thank you!”

-The A. Family

Really Super

“Really super. Drop in when you can and best wishes.”

-Mr. M., Burlington

Prompt Service

“Thank you very much for repairing the steps so promptly and for trusting us to pay your bill.”

-Ms. K., Burlington

Referring Friends

“The lobby looks great! I hope to see my friend soon and pass on your card.”

-Mrs. D., Oakville

Excellent Job

“Thank you for an excellent job.”

-Dave & Lillian A., Oakville

Great Job

"Thank you for doing a great job fixing our house. Please feel free to use us for future references."

-Mike and Colleen W., Burlington

Seniors Repair Clients

Very Happy

“Thank you for all the great work you have done. We’re very happy with the result, and with the fact that you were so thorough in addressing all of the issues.”

Mrs. A, Oakville

Pleased Wife

"I'm just calling you to let you know that my wife is really pleased with the closet and doors. It looks great!"

Mr. C, Oakville

Reliable & Trustworthy

"I'm so glad I have someone so reliable and trustworthy to depend on."

Mrs. G, Burlington

Nice Work

"You sure don't dally around. Your work on the windows sure looks nice."

Mr. R, Burlington

Flawless Repair

"The stucco ceiling repair looks like new. I can't even tell where the repair has been made."

Mrs. D, Oakville

Perfect Railings

"The railings are perfect. Now I can get in and out of the house."

Mr. L, Oakville

Looks Like New

"This is this best I've seen these carpets in a long time. They look like new.”

Mrs. H, Burlington

Fast Service

"You always come through for us. Thanks for your fast service."

Mr. H, Burlington